Why Pick a Poison?

A new study offers a new theory as to how fluoride really works: The findings revealed that fluoride reduces the ability of the decay-causing bacteria to stick. That would indicate that fluoride contributes to making it easier for teeth to be washed of decay-causing bacteria by saliva, brushing and other activity. The research was published […]

Yet Another Downside to BPA-Laced Sealants

Sealants are done by placing a thin layer of composite as a protective coating for tooth enamel – for once it’s damaged, enamel cannot grow back. In fact, it’s the only tissue in your body that can’t regenerate itself. (You can remineralize the dentin it protects, but once enamel is gone, it’s gone.) Unfortunately, composite […]

Making the Good Look Bad (& the Worse Look Better)

Fruit juice is tasty stuff – but did you know that many juices contain more sugar than soda? Really and truly. For instance, 12 ounces of Coke contain 40 grams of sugar; 12 ounces of apple juice, 42 grams. Grape juice is even higher: 60 grams of sugar. This is why nutritionists say to get […]

Weight Alone No Measure of Health, & Other News of Note

Excess Weight Not Always Unhealthy (Consumer Reports) A new study has added to the evidence that when it comes to longevity, being healthy is more important than being thin. * * The finding challenges the traditional thinking that excess weight alone is a health problem that needs to be treated, and suggests instead that it’s […]

We Know How Fluoride Works…or Do We?

General dentist and past president of the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) on what fluoride does: In developing teeth, the fluoride becomes part of the enamel and actually causes it to become denser and stronger so it is more resistant to the acids that are produced by the bacteria that cause decay. Once the teeth are […]

Chicklet Teeth Are Just the Beginning…

Nothing is certain except death and taxes – and corporate media’s tendency to present most any excessive behavior as an “addiction” or “illness.” A recent ABC News feature does both: “Bleachorexia: How the Quest for Pearly Whites Can Destroy Teeth.” “Bleachorexia” is the term the writer says dentists use to describe people who go overboard […]

How Pool Water Can Hurt Your Teeth, & Other News of Note

Pool Water May Strip Tooth Enamel (Futurity.org) Taking a dip in the backyard pool may cause permanent damage to teeth if chlorine and pH levels are not properly maintained. “Improperly maintained pool chlorination in swimming pools can cause rapid and excessive erosion of dental enamel,” says Leila Jahangiri, a clinical associate professor prosthodontics of New […]

The Problem with Sour Candies & Other News of Note

Sour Candy Like Battery Acid to Teeth (CBS News) Research indicates tooth enamel erodes in a pH of less than 4.0. More than two dozen popular candies were shown to have acid levels ranging from 3.0 pH down to 1.6 pH. “When they’re gummy or sticky, then they stick to our tooth surface,” said [dentist […]

How to Stop Tooth-Wrecking Dry Mouth Naturally

Here’s an aspect of good dental hygiene most of us don’t usually think about: spit. Yes, amongst other things, saliva helps keep your teeth healthy. For one, it acts as a perpetual bath for your teeth, helping to wash away food particles and the oral microbes that make up dental biofilm (plaque). And according to […]