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REALLY Needing a Dentist

No kind of pain is pleasant, but tooth pain can be a special kind of hurt. To wit: A Swedish convict was so desperate to get rid of his toothache that he escaped from prison to visit a dentist. * … Continue reading

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KTH Flashback: The Cost of Dental Work – and the Cost of Avoiding It

Originally posted March 1, 2010 A few months ago, one of our dental team members was out shopping when a store manager, not knowing her occupation, asked if she had any good tips for dealing with a toothache. One of … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Funny: Toothache Kitteh

“Ridiculous photos of cats” are nothing new: Maybe he’s wishing for some of this instead? Of course, there are side effects: More about patent medicines (PDF) Last image by zenera, via Flickr

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Why It’s So Hard to Tell Which Tooth Aches & Other News of Note

Why It’s So Hard to Tell Which Tooth Has the Ache (Wired) When it comes to a toothache, the brain doesn’t discriminate. A new imaging study shows that to the brain, a painful upper tooth feels a lot like a … Continue reading

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Home Remedies for Toothache


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What to Do for a Toothache

Eggybird/Flickr You have a toothache. What do you do? Take a painkiller. Put a cold compress on your cheek. Apply vanilla extract to the painful tooth and surrounding gums Apply clove oil around the painful area. See a dentist about … Continue reading

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