Best. Toothbrush. Ever?

We don’t often write about, let alone recommend, specific products on this blog. But sometimes a product impresses us so much, we can’t imagine not telling you about it. Case in point, a new toothbrush that was recently recommended to us by a couple of periodontists Dr. V knows through one of his study clubs. […]

Powered Toothbrush or Manual? What the Latest Evidence Says

For a long time, the choice between manual and powered brushes was mainly one of personal preference. Now, more evidence suggests that when it comes to breaking up oral biofilm (plaque), powered brushes may in fact be more effective. The latest Cochrane Review on the matter was published this past summer. Analyzing 56 relevant trials, […]

9 Dental Don’ts

So what’s better than fluoride at preventing cavities, gum disease and other oral health issues? Quality nutrition is a big part of it – going easy on hyper-processed foods, added sugars, soft drinks and the like; going heavy on whole foods, produce and healthy natural fats. Good hygiene is another critical factor. Yet perhaps many […]

Beyond the Boring Old Toothbrush

What better time than the day after Halloween to have a National Brush Day, right? Though really, this newly declared observation is less about this and more about this which is to say not a one-day-a-year problem but an ongoing one. Yet it’s almost completely preventable – in part, through regular and effective hygiene. Ideally, […]

To Rinse or Not to Rinse?

Think about what your teeth are like just before you brush them. They’re probably a little on the gnarly side. Think particles of food, predigested by saliva. Think of bacterial slime coating your teeth. Think of anaerobic microbes partying in your periodontal pockets – bacteria, viruses, yeasts, all doing the happy dance because they’ve been […]

Do You Really Need to Pitch Your Toothbrush After You’ve Been Sick?

So just how common is the advice of twice yearly dental visits? Shortly after we learned about the study challenging this acorn, we ran across this list of ways you may unknowingly be “hurting your teeth.” Skipping dental visits is one of them. But that’s not what caught our attention. Don’t Use Your Toothbrush After […]

A Toothbrush Isn’t Forever (Heck, It’s Not Even More Than 4 Months!)

If stats from a couple of dental clinics are to be believed, 75% of people don’t replace their toothbrush as often as they should. This may or may not be related to the fact that the average time between dental appointments, according to this same report, is 3 years. So let’s get two things out […]

Your Toothbrush’s Dirty Little Secret

Maybe you saw the segment on Oprah a few years back. Or the one on Mythbusters. If so, you may have been freaked out by the thought of your toothbrush being a festering swamp of fecal matter and bacteria. But that’s TV. Can you trust it? A new literature review in Evidence Based Dentistry says […]

Is Flossing All That?

Pop quiz: Brushing and flossing have been well proven to reduce dental biofilm (plaque) more than brushing alone – true or false? True, you say? Not quite, according to a recent literature review in Evidence-Based Dentistry. The authors looked at randomized, controlled trials that compared the effects of brushing and flossing with brushing alone. All […]

Monday Morning Funny: Pawsing to Brush

Recently, one of our clients was telling us how much she enjoyed our newsletter and blog. A cat-lover, she then tucked her next appointment card into her wallet and said with a wink, “But you know, it could use more cats.” Well, we knew we just had to address this cat lack immediately! After all, […]