11 Reads: How Sleep Impacts Your Health

Sleep may no longer be, as Dr. Ellen Hughes once put it, “the forgotten key to health and wellness,” at least not among researchers. Through recent years, there have been quite a few interesting studies on the impact of sleep quantity and quality (and the lack of it!) on health. Here’s a round-up of the […]

Environmental Influences on Chronic Illness: Chemicals & the Terrain

By Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN Do you ever wonder why some people don’t believe facts, despite all evidence? For instance, think of the known links between environmental factors and autism, asthma and other health conditions affecting more and more children. Why would anyone doubt the connection between toxins and illness? In A Compromised Generation, […]

On Fluoridation, “All of the Evidence Is Convergent”

Overheard by a staff member on the bus one day: “Fluoride should be a four letter word!” – final punctuation to a long rant about drinking water being fluoridated without her consent. She was emotional, yet others around her nodded in agreement. It’s an argument that makes more sense to more people every day. After […]

How You Live Matters More than Genetics, & Other News of Note

Lifestyle Affects Life Expectancy More than Genetics, Swedish Study Finds (ScienceDaily) How long your parents lived does not necessarily affect how long you will live. Instead it is how you live your life that determines how old you will get, reveals research from the University of Gothenburg recently published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. […]

Eliminate Poisonous Air in Your Home (Guest Post)

Most commercial cleaning products, cosmetics and scented items (including perfumes) are sickening. They poison people daily. These toxins are on floors, walls, countertops, beds, furniture, towels and clothing, and are applied directly to the skin. What happens in your body when they enter your bloodstream? Do they accumulate or combine together to become more potent? […]

Healthy Home Improvement (Guest Post)

For several years, my home office has been the color of sea foam green. This particular room is always cold, even in summer, and needs an extra heater to bring it to a comfortable temperature. A few weeks ago, as the weather began to turn chilly, in a moment of do-it-yourself enthusiasm, I decided I […]

The Story of Cosmetics

US lawmakers recently introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act, which would provide “the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversight over personal care products to ensure they are free of dangerous ingredients.” Here’s a look at why it matters to both your personal health and that of the planet:    

20 Health & Wellness Articles Worth Checking Out

Every day, we check the web for health and wellness news and articles that we think may be of interest to you and the rest of our readers. Inevitably, we wind up with much more material than we can possibly write about yet find worth sharing with you. So, without further ado, here are 20 […]

Chinese Herbs for Heart Health, the Healing Power of Art & Other News of Note

Ancient Chinese Herbs May Help Heart (UPI) Ancient Chinese herbal formulas for heart disease may produce large amounts of artery-widening nitric oxide, U.S. researchers said. Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston said nitric oxide is crucial to the cardiovascular system because it signals the inner walls of blood vessels to […]

Playing It Safe in the Sun

Getting enough sunshine is key to health, being as it’s a prime source of vitamin D, which ultraviolet B radiation helps our bodies generate. And D is crucial in that it protects us against cancers, bone diseases, muscle pain, diabetes, MS and other illness and dysfunction. But at the same time, exposure to too much […]