Dana Ullman on Clinical Research Confirming Homeopathy

  For more extensive discussion of the clinical research on homeopathy, we highly recommend watching last autumn’s University of Connecticut Health Center debate, in which proponents and skeptics present on and discuss the matter at length. (Note: This presentation is best viewed in Explorer.)

Get to Know Your Body’s Meridians

In our practice, we talk a lot about the body’s meridians. The acupuncture points that run along them can tell us a lot about what is happening with and in the body on an energetic level. But because you can’t see them, it can sometimes be easy to think of these channels in a sort …

4 Off-Beat Dental Videos

Some odds and ends (with a slight emphasis on “odds”) that we’ve run across while searching for dental videos on YouTube… We start with the amazing singing, dancing tooth: “How to Properly Brush and Floss Your Teeth,” shown in old school animation styles: A 1939 educational film on dental hygiene, as “Told by a Tooth”: …

Video: What Happens to Your Teeth After You Clean Them?

The oral bacteria set to recolonizing and biofilm – the stuff we used to call “plaque” – starts to form. Check it out: “In vitro simulation of biofilm forming on enamel surface as human saliva is pulsed over an initially clean surface”