Root Canals Are a Chronic Focus, Part 2

Read Part 1, “What Weston Price REALLY Learned About Root Canals” From the May 2014 issue of Biosis: How “Saved” Teeth Become a Problem By Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN Last time, we took a closer look at Dr. Weston Price’s root canal research. This work is often misunderstood. Many people – in his own […]

Biosis #43: Attitude, Root Canals & Gluten-Free Foods

The May 2014 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue: JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Easy as ABC A stands for ATTITUDE! Zig Ziglar used to talk about how there were two kinds of people in the world: optimists and pessimists. Optimists, he said, jump out of bed saying, “Good morning, Lord!” […]

Just Yank Out the Tooth?

A great comic we recently ran across:   A not-so-great real world example that recently ran in an email from, just below the large supplement ad:   Suffice it to say, the article has relatively little to say about extraction. In fact, the real title of the article is much less flashy, much more […]

Root Canals Are a Chronic Focus, Part 1

From the February 2014 issue of Biosis: What Weston Price REALLY Learned About Root Canals By Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN Every week, we get calls from people who desperately want to know if we remove root canal teeth. They say that somewhere on the Web, they’ve read that having those teeth removed may relieve […]

Biosis #42: Root Canals, Dental Implants, Real Food & More!

The February 2014 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue: JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Stewards of the Earth Our current drought can remind us to never take nature’s customary abundance for granted. And it may lead us to focus more fully on what part we each might play in the judicious […]

Biosis #40: Weston Price, Healing the Terrain & More!

    The May 2013 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online & includes… JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: What Technology Can’t Replace When we are truly communicating, we use all of our senses – and our instinct. For all the progress made with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, technology cannot replace this. When a […]

Beyond Nutrition: Weston A. Price

Not too long ago, few people knew about Dr. Weston A. Price. Today, thanks to the efforts of groups like the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and the Weston A. Price Foundation, many are familiar with his research on the relationship between diet, orofacial development and oral health.     That work is extremely important. But it’s […]

“…Tooth Decay Will Generally Be Checked, Provided…”

When we first wrote about the claim that you can “cure” a cavity with little more than butter oil supplements, we had no idea it would become one of our most read and shared posts ever. Nor did we anticipate the strong feelings it would stir among both those who had similar questions and those […]

Sugar & the Modern Food Environment (Guest Post)

From the office of William P. Glaros, DDS: Sugar has one thing going for it: It makes things taste good. And it’s a taste we’re born to prefer. In the natural settings that human primate ancestors evolved in, sweetness intensity should indicate energy density, while bitterness tends to indicate toxicity. The high sweetness detection threshold […]

Divorcing the Mouth from the Body

Originally posted 7 August 2009 Late last month, an article published in the Journal of Dental Research by P. Hujoel of the University of Washington School of Dentistry got a notable bit of media coverage. Most of it focused on the fact that – as the article noted and one headline put it – “diets […]